Kittens Dumped On Road
Suitcase kittens

Why would anyone cram 15 tiny kittens into a suitcase and then abandon them? Perhaps it's a question someone might answer one day, but the 15 tiny kittens, dubbed the "suitcase kittens," believed to be from several litters - no more than three to five weeks old, were found by a veterinary nurse walking to work in Dagenham, England on Saturday. The suitcase had been dumped on the roadside and upon closer inspection, the nurse spotted air holes, and just knew she had to open it up to see what was hidden inside.

According to Yahoo News, the kittens are now being cared for by volunteers from Cats Protection's Hornchurch and District Branch. They will be fostered until they are old enough to be adopted. Alison Gambles, the Welfare and Homing officer described their condition:

"Although they were all alive and in fairly good condition, they were clearly far too young to be away from their mothers. Six of them had obvious cases of eye infection and although the others seem okay for now, we will need to closely monitor them. Someone must have felt in a very desperate situation to do this. They seem to have intended the kittens to be found as the suitcase had been left near the home of the veterinary nurse, who is well known locally. But with kittens this young and vulnerable, the outcome could have been awful."

Since their discovery, the Cats Protection organization has received an outpouring of support. Animal advocates have been lining up to adopt the adorable little fluffy loved ones. If only all cats and kittens could be adopted.